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  • Most Common Skin Conditions in Dogs and Cats
    Spring and summer: the sun is shining, the grass is green, leaves are back on the trees, kids in the pool, more outdoor activities... humidity, pollen flying through the air, Read more
  • Fred, 2002 to 2016
    Yesterday we lost one of our own, Freddy.  Freddy was that little yellow tiger and white cat you saw roaming around the office. He had no fear and constantly frustrated Read more
  • A Delicate Topic: Pets & Money
    Over the last 40 years small-animal veterinary medicine has gone through some dramatic changes.  As human medicine has progressed, so has veterinary medicine. Small-animal hospitals still exist and continue to Read more
  • Specially-Abled Pets Day- Hanzo
    May 3rd is “National Specially-Abled Pets Day,” and as all of the staff and many of our clients know: my cat Hanzo is blind. I adopted him shortly after moving Read more
  • Canine Influenza
    Read more
  • Lead Toxicity
    What happened (and continues to happen) in Flint Michigan is a pox on humanity. I was under the impression that lead exposure had been mostly resolved in this country. But, Read more
  • The Prince of Dogs
    Our prince has fallen. Brodie, the beautiful golden retriever with the deep red, flowing coat finally succumbed to his cancer on January, 25th 2016. Let’s remember him.Sammy, Brodie, & Butters Read more
  • Dental Health Month
    Dental disease is the most common disease in dogs and cats.Does your pet have it?It’s time to schedule their yearly checkup today and find out.It’s that time of year again. Read more
  • Happy Howl-idays
    Well, that time of year has rolled around again and I’m sure your e-mails and Facebook pages are getting filled with what not to do with your pet. So, I Read more
  • Pet Safe (and Unsafe) Thanksgiving Foods
    Its that time of year where we see an abundance of pancreatitis and foreign body ingestion! Protect your pet by only offering small and safe treats this Thanksgiving:Safe FoodsUnsafe FoodsGreen Read more
  • National Pet Diabetes Month
    DIABETES & INSULINNovember is National Pet Diabetes Month, and during this blog post I would like to educate you on this sometimes confusing disease. A lot of our clients, when Read more
    Recently, scientists finally discovered the virus Rhabdomyelositosis Varii in field mice and squirrels. Only two months ago they found this virus to be the cause of the new disease ravaging Read more
  • Chester
    The blog post below was written by Dr. Miller in February. I apologize it took me so long to get around to editing and posting! But, in celebration of Pet Read more
  • Autumn Woes
    The last day of August, and as with every year, my sinuses start to drain and sneezing increases.  Autumn is a beautiful time of year, but some of us pay Read more
  • Why is Blood Work Important?
    Blood work is an important part of your pet's annual wellness visits, pre-operative screenings, and especially at times when they are sick. Watch the short video below to learn more Read more
  • Lyme Disease in Clermont County
    Lyme disease is the most common tick transmitted zoonotic (humans and animals) disease in the world.  It has been reported in many species, but is generally considered a disease of Read more

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