Fleas and ticks are the #1 bugs to be concerned about this time of year.  But, several other problem bugs exist around here and I thought we’d talk about a Read more
  • Where Have all the Kitties Gone?
    A troubling trend has developed in Veterinary Medicine nationwide. Cats are now the number one house pet; yet, we veterinarians are seeing less and less of them.  Several reasons for Read more
  • It's National Immunization Awareness Month!
    August is vaccine awareness month so let’s have a discussion.HistoryForms of vaccinations were being administered as early as the early 1700’s. Anyone who saw the series ‘John Adams’ on HBO Read more
  • Trifexis
    In the last several months there has been some “information” in the media about Trifexis and we have had several clients ask us questions in regards to these reports. Lifetime Read more
  • Rabies and the Importance of Vaccination
    Rabies is an ancient viral infection, dreaded worldwide and “dreaded” is an excellent description. In animals, Rabes is a fatal viral encephalitis transmitted by bite or scratch from claws that Read more
  • New Year 2015: Resolutions for You & Your Pet
    New Year’s Resolution: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of CureHard to believe that we’re approaching a new year.  Since we are, I decided to talk about what Read more
  • Diabetes in Cats
    Last blog post I discussed type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease that leaves the body incapable of making insulin.  Dogs are almost always type 1 diabetics. All type 1 diabetics Read more
  • Deck your Dogs with Boughs of Holly
    Its the holidays so I thought I’d discuss our pets and the season. These guys endure a lot from their human counterparts this time of year and they really deserve Read more
  • The Media and Your Pets
    Be careful about what you read.A couple of weeks ago I was reading the Sunday news (yes, I occasionally still read newspapers) and I turned a page to find a Read more
  • Fitness and Your Pets
    Well the Flying Pig Marathon was just run and May is national Fitness Month (for humans!) so I thought this was a good time to talk about fitness and your Read more
  • February: Dental Health Month
    February is national pet dental health month.  In my opinion, every month should be pet dental health month.  This is why:Good dental health is the easiest way to extend your Read more
  • The Art of Veterinary Medicine
    All those years ago I entered my senior year of Veterinary Schooland and at my first class in clinical sciences the then head of large animal services Dr. Vernon Tharpe Read more
  • Common Health Issues in Pet Dentistry
    Last time I discussed the importance of dentistry in our pets. Today I want to discuss common problems I encounter and procedures we perform.DogsPeriodontal disease:  By far the most common Read more
  • Vaccination: Canine Distemper
    Since vaccines have managed to be in the headlines for the last 3 or 4 weeks I felt a comment was necessary. Vaccines have changed the lives of humans and Read more
  • The Canine Flu: What You Need to Know
    Canine Flu is in the news media this week and will probably continue to be for several weeks. So I decided that our practice better stay ahead of the curve, Read more
  • Hereditary Diseases
    Today I saw a beautiful one year old big, healthy laborador that the owners felt was sitting funny and seemed slow in the morning after sleep.  X-rays revealed an advanced Read more

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