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  • Wildlife in Ohio
    What do you do if you find a wild animal that appears abandoned or orphaned? Read more
  • Public Statement to our Community
    To our Clients and Community, As animal lovers ourselves, we understand the concerns about a story that’s circulating involving our clinic. In more than four decades of practice we’ve never encountered Read more
  • Cold Weather Safety for Pets
    When temperatures drop bringing pets indoors is the first line of protection, but do you know what else you should do to keep them safe? Read more
  • Which Thanksgiving Foods are Safe for Pets?
    There are lots of foods that are safe to share with your pets (in moderation). Check out this week's blog post to learn more! Read more
  • Communication is Key
    Veterinary care is not inexpensive and it can sometimes be difficult to prepare for the costs during unexpected emergencies. But, what is most important is that client's communicate their concerns regarding money from the very beginning. Read more
  • Canine Influenza
    Dogs that travel, visit dog parks, are groomed frequently, and board frequently are most at risk for this upper respiratory illness. Read more
  • Traveling With Your Pet
    Traveling with your pet can be a great bonding experience and a wonderful way to share an adventure with your furry friend. But, before you load Fido and Fifi up Read more
  • Vaccine Clinics... Not So Hot
    In the long run, vaccine clinics don't really save you money and they are detrimental to your pet's health. Read more
  • Signs Your Pet Needs a Dental Cleaning
    Regular dental care and cleanings are an important part of your pet's overall health and wellness. Read more
  • Our Feline Friendly Renovation
    As many of you know, our hospital began a new suite renovation starting in the spring and finally finishing in the midsummer. We were happily taking over the entire downstairs Read more
  • Hey, Cat Owners...
    Hi, my name is Kitty Galore and I’m a very happy, beautiful, female cat. This is my brother, Felix, a big boy cat.Today we’re supposed to go to our Doctor Read more
  • Hey, Cat Owners...
    Hi! My name is Miss Moneypenny. My owners call me Penny. I’m a two year old calico little girl cat. I love my life. If I bother my owners enough Read more
  • Not Another Tick Blog!
    Saddle up Buckaroo, the Lone Star Tick has come to town. Yep, not kidding.Last week a drug rep was in for a lunch and learn. She was selling us on Read more
  • Butterscotch Miller
    I really didn’t expect to be writing my third obituary in the last year and a half, but here I am.  Butters passed on his own rather unexpectedly. We knew Read more
  • The Grain-Free Fad
    We are always happy when clients show concern regarding the food they give to their pets instead of just picking up the cheapest thing available on the grocery store shelf. Read more
  • The Grain-Free Fad: Part Two
    Did you miss part one? Read it here! So, you should have just read an excellent blog on pet diets and I would like make some further notes. We get daily Read more

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