• Happy Cat Month
    September is Happy Cat Month and we want to share some tips to help keep your cat happy at home. Read more
  • Check the Chip Day
    A study of more than 7,700 stray animals at animal shelters showed that dogs without microchips were returned to their owners 21.9% of the time, whereas microchipped dogs were returned to their owners 52.2% of the time. Cats without microchips were reunited with their owners only 1.8% of the time, whereas microchipped cats went back home 38.5% of the time. Read more
  • Thunderstorms & Fireworks- What Can You Do to Help Your Anxious Pet?
    As we enter summer we are also entering the season of thunderstorms, high winds, tornadoes, and firework season. And, what this means for our anxious patients that have noise aversions is that we are also entering SHAKE UNCONTROLLABLY AND HIDE IN THE BATHTUB season. Read more
  • Pet First Aid Kit- What Do You Need?
    What do you need for your pet's first aid kit? Read more
  • Hello Again!
    Welcome back! We've made some improvements while you've been away... Read more
  • March 2022- Hospital Updates!
    As it appears that spring is finally arriving to our neck of the woods, so too is curbside-lite at Lifetime Pet Center! Read more
  • Diagnosis Explained: Periodontal Disease
    Periodontal disease affects 70% of pets over three years of age. Learn more about this common diagnosis and how it is treated. Read more
  • Diet Recommendations for Pet Owners
    It can be hard to choose the right diet for your pet because there are so many options available, both over-the-counter (OTC) and via prescription. There is also a lot of marketing out there telling you what is “best” to feed your dog or cat that may be misleading or untrue (like dogs with food allergies needing a grain-free diet). Read more
  • Buddy the Elf
    Buddy the Elf, 2014-2020 Read more
  • COVID-19 Update as of 4/24/2020
    So, please be patient with us as we continue to look out for all of our safety. We will return to normal scheduling of non-essential activities such as bathing, toe nail trims, daycare, etc. as soon as our governor gives us the go ahead. Read more
  • COVID-19 Update as of 3/21/2020
    As of March 21, 2020 the most up-to-date hospital update and protocol changes. Read more
  • COVID-19 Information
    We here at Lifetime Pet Centers New Richmond & Williamsburg are very much aware of the dangers of this pandemic and are endeavoring to keep our patients healthy through this crisis. Likewise, we are very much concerned about your health and our staff’s safety. Read more
  • Adopting a Rescue 101
    Adopting a rescue animal is a very popular thing these days. Why? Here’s a few reasons: I want to do a good thing for an animal in need. I’ve looked into pure Read more
  • National Train Your Dog Month
    Learn more about puppy behavior, socialization, and training! Being prepared for your newest family member doesn't just involve toys and treats. Read more
  • Scratch Pay Payment Plans now Available!
    We are excited to announce we are now accepting Scratch Pay payment plans! Read more
  • Read this: you might save your dog's life.
    The FDA is investigating a possible link between grain-free & boutique diets and DCM in dogs. In recent years more reports have been filed regarding dogs diagnosed with DCM that are not breeds prone to the disease- and it has been noted in these cases the dogs are fed diets with unusual carbohydrate sources (potatoes, lentils, peas, and other legumes). Read more

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