March 2022- Hospital Updates!

As it appears that spring is finally arriving to our neck of the woods, so too is curbside-lite at Lifetime Pet Center! Starting after March 23rd we will be welcoming clients into the building along with their pets for doctor appointments. One (adult) client is permitted into the exam with their pet as long as a room is available. However, you can still choose to utilize our totally curbside option if preferred.

We ask that clients still check in from their car upon their arrival via text or phone call. At that time a staff member will let you know an estimated wait time if an exam room is not currently open. Once a room is available, someone will be out to bring in you and your pet.  If you prefer not to wait, we can still see your pet as a curbside appointment to shorten your time at the hospital (or you can run errands during the visit!). You can also help your appointment go more quickly by filling out any forms we send you via text, email, or our app prior to your appointment. Diet and medication pick-ups, procedure drop offs and pick-ups, and technician appointments will still be curbside as we are still limiting the number of people in the lobby. (And, if you have seen our parking lot during a Friday afternoon- you can see why!)

We do kindly ask that you continue to wear a mask during your in-person appointments so that we can continue to protect our immune-compromised staff and those that are unable to be vaccinated. We have installed new air purifying systems in all of the exam rooms and the lobby to help further protect both yourself and our staff.

We are all so excited to welcome you back into the hospital and can’t wait to see everyone again (in a climate controlled environment, and not in 5 degree weather standing outside!). If you have any questions regarding our new protocols please feel free to call or text us at (513)553-9954 or through the chat tab in our app.

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