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Our practice is pleased to offer you the convenience of purchasing your pet's medications and food through our online store, with all products delivered right to your door from VetSource. If you prefer to place your orders over the phone call:


VetSource is our new online pharmacy. If you have questions please call our hospital at (513)553-9954.

First order discount through VetSource code: SHOPNOW15 for 15% off.

Learn more about the most popular products we carry in-house and are available to pick-up anytime! Please call ahead if you will have a large, multi-pet order. Due to shipping issues and supply chain shortages we cannot guarantee that all items will be in stock. Please call ahead as soon as possible when you need your pet's medications.

  • Revolution Plus for Cats: Topical, monthly flea, tick, heartworm, & intestinal parasite prevention.
  • Simparica Trio for Dogs: Oral monthly heartworm, flea, tick, & intestinal parasite prevention. Everything you need in one tablet!
  • Simparica Chewables for Dogs: An oral, monthly flea and tick prevention.
  • ProHeart12 Injection for Dogs: A once yearly injections to prevention heartworm infection. Also treats active hookworm infection at the time of treatment.
  • Siphotrol Premise Spray: This premise spray is more effective than a flea bomb, can be used safely around pets and children, and can cover over 2,000 square feet per can. Call or stop by to learn more about this product that we also use in our own hospital! We recommend this product in the event you have an active infestation in your home.

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