Preventive Care

We believe life-long, comprehensive care is the best prevention of illness later in life. Our doctors and staff will be with you every step of the way, through every life stage. From puppies and kittens, to mature adults- we will create a custom treatment plan for your pet that suits your individual needs.

Flea & Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks are prevalent in South West Ohio and Northern Kentucky year-round. We encourage year-round prevention for all pets, whether they are indoor or outdoor. We carry several products in our hospitals or you can visit our online pharmacy if we do not carry a product you are already comfortable with using.

In-house we carry:

-Revolution Plus for Cats

-Simparica and Simparica Trio for Dogs

-Siphotrol II Premise Spray for the House

Heartworm Testing & Prevention

The danger of heartworm is present year-round in Southern Ohio. Warmer winter months and longer spring/summer seasons have increased the rate of heartworm infection in dogs in the surrounding areas. We recommend annual heartworm testing and year-round prevention for all dogs.

For dogs we recommend:

-ProHeart12 (A once a year injection to prevent heartworm disease.)

-Simparica Trio

For cats, we recommend:

-Revolution Plus for Cats

Routine Diagnostics, including Blood Work

We work closely with Zoetis Reference Laboratory to bring you almost instant blood work results in the hospital at the time of your pet's appointment. Out-of-house specialized lab services are also available, with results returned to us within 12 to 24 hours, depending on the test.

In-house we can run blood parasite testing, Feline Leukemia & FIV testing, comprehensive & wellness profiles, thyroid function, and more.

Annual & Semi-Annual Wellness Exams

Yearly check-ups with one of our veterinarians are important to maintain lifelong health and wellness. We can detect many illnesses early during a routine physical examination. As your pet matures we recommend increasing their wellness visits to every six months.

Download (PDF): mature-pet-packets-updated-12022.pdf


Vaccines are the cornerstone of preventative medicine. Through the years vaccines have been developed to protect our pets from many deadly, serious diseases and viruses. We will work with you to create a customized vaccination plan for your pet according to his or her lifestyle and your needs as a pet parent.

If at any time you have questions regarding our services or care, do not hesitate to call either office or contact us through our website.

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