• Bad Kitty! Bad Kitty!
    This is the time of year we see a lot of feline behavior problems.  Why this time of year?....sex. Cats come into heat approximately two times a year; early spring and Read more
  • The "Why" of Wellness Costs
    We are often being questioned about our prices for our wellness surgeries (spays/neuters); why does ours cost this when theirs cost that?  I cannot testify as to other veterinary practices Read more
  • April: Heartworm Awareness Month
    Heartworm disease is spread to our cats and dogs by mosquito bite. Southern Ohio is affected by this yucky parasite almost year-round. If it is warm and humid enough, no Read more
  • Spring Allergies
    After a grueling winter, spring has finally arrived.  Everything is greening and blooming.  It’s a wonderful time of year… unless you have allergies.  The air is being bombarded with pollens Read more
  • Ticks! What are they good for? Absolutely Nothin'!
    This is what I ask myself every spring.  Spring is the season of birth and rebirth; puppies, kittens, calves, foals, greening of trees, grass; you know, happy things. So why Read more
  • Heat Awareness in Pets
    Summer time and the living is easy.  Fish are jumpin’ and the dog’s tongue is hangin’ to the ground.There’s a reason for that.  Dogs do not perspire.  They lose body Read more
  • The Dog Days of Summer
    Well, that time of year is approaching: The Dog Days of Summer.  Days get hot and sticky.  Step outside and break into a sweat.  But, here’s a fun fact:  dogs Read more
  • Our True Heros
    Through the years of practicing veterinary medicine I’ve noticed a wonderful trend developing.  Quite often, after having a long time pet companion pass and going through an appropriate time of Read more
  • Fleas!
    Fleas, the nemesis of our pets, are happening now!  To understand the problem you must know the life-cycle.  Let’s review.We will start with the adult flea.  Once hatched, they seek Read more
  • Pet Appreciation Week
    How to Pamper your Pet for Pet Appreciation Week 2014Annual and Semi-Annual Wellness Exams: yearly check-ups with your pet’s doctor are important for your pet’s overall health and well-being. Issues Read more
  • Storm Anxiety in Pets
    Hey, did you know that some of your dogs can accurately forecast the weather?  Dogs with storm anxiety usually will start showing symptoms hours before a storm without even a Read more
  • Diabetes Awareness Month
    November is diabetes awareness month.  Diabetes is a major problem we see in pets and, yes, it is the same disease as in humans.  There are 2 forms of diabetes: Read more
  • BUGS
    Fleas and ticks are the #1 bugs to be concerned about this time of year.  But, several other problem bugs exist around here and I thought we’d talk about a Read more
  • Where Have all the Kitties Gone?
    A troubling trend has developed in Veterinary Medicine nationwide. Cats are now the number one house pet; yet, we veterinarians are seeing less and less of them.  Several reasons for Read more
  • It's National Immunization Awareness Month!
    August is vaccine awareness month so let’s have a discussion.HistoryForms of vaccinations were being administered as early as the early 1700’s. Anyone who saw the series ‘John Adams’ on HBO Read more
  • Trifexis
    In the last several months there has been some “information” in the media about Trifexis and we have had several clients ask us questions in regards to these reports. Lifetime Read more

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