• Spring Allergies
    After a grueling winter, spring has finally arrived.  Everything is greening and blooming.  It’s a wonderful time of year… unless you have allergies.  The air is being bombarded with pollens Read more
  • MVC & Continuing Education
    The Midwest Veterinary Conference occurs Feb 20 to Feb. 24. Myself , my practice manager, and select staff members will be attending the conference this year. These proceedings are about continuing Read more
  • The "Why" of Wellness Costs
    We are often being questioned about our prices for our wellness surgeries (spays/neuters); why does ours cost this when theirs cost that?  I cannot testify as to other veterinary practices Read more
  • Puppy & Kitten Vaccines
    Spring is the season of rebirth; flowers, greening of flora, warming temperatures, and new puppies and kittens presented to us to start their wellness programs. Invariably, we start to hear Read more
  • Ticks! What are they good for? Absolutely Nothin'!
    This is what I ask myself every spring.  Spring is the season of birth and rebirth; puppies, kittens, calves, foals, greening of trees, grass; you know, happy things. So why Read more
  • April: Heartworm Awareness Month
    Heartworm disease is spread to our cats and dogs by mosquito bite. Southern Ohio is affected by this yucky parasite almost year-round. If it is warm and humid enough, no Read more
  • Bad Kitty! Bad Kitty!
    This is the time of year we see a lot of feline behavior problems.  Why this time of year?....sex. Cats come into heat approximately two times a year; early spring and Read more
  • Storm Anxiety in Pets
    Hey, did you know that some of your dogs can accurately forecast the weather?  Dogs with storm anxiety usually will start showing symptoms hours before a storm without even a Read more
  • The Dog Days of Summer
    Well, that time of year is approaching: The Dog Days of Summer.  Days get hot and sticky.  Step outside and break into a sweat.  But, here’s a fun fact:  dogs Read more
  • Our True Heros
    Through the years of practicing veterinary medicine I’ve noticed a wonderful trend developing.  Quite often, after having a long time pet companion pass and going through an appropriate time of Read more
  • Fleas!
    Fleas, the nemesis of our pets, are happening now!  To understand the problem you must know the life-cycle.  Let’s review.We will start with the adult flea.  Once hatched, they seek Read more
  • Pet Appreciation Week
    How to Pamper your Pet for Pet Appreciation Week 2014Annual and Semi-Annual Wellness Exams: yearly check-ups with your pet’s doctor are important for your pet’s overall health and well-being. Issues Read more
  • Heat Awareness in Pets
    Summer time and the living is easy.  Fish are jumpin’ and the dog’s tongue is hangin’ to the ground.There’s a reason for that.  Dogs do not perspire.  They lose body Read more
  • Diabetes Awareness Month
    November is diabetes awareness month.  Diabetes is a major problem we see in pets and, yes, it is the same disease as in humans.  There are 2 forms of diabetes: Read more
  • BUGS
    Fleas and ticks are the #1 bugs to be concerned about this time of year.  But, several other problem bugs exist around here and I thought we’d talk about a Read more
  • Where Have all the Kitties Gone?
    A troubling trend has developed in Veterinary Medicine nationwide. Cats are now the number one house pet; yet, we veterinarians are seeing less and less of them.  Several reasons for Read more

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