MVC & Continuing Education

The Midwest Veterinary Conference occurs Feb 20 to Feb. 24. Myself , my practice manager, and select staff members will be attending the conference this year. These proceedings are about continuing education.
Veterinary Medicine is rapidly changing in medicine, surgery, technology, and client expectations.  I am required to take a minimum of 15 credit hours of education each year. I usually exceed these numbers so that I can stay current and offer my clients the most up to date care in all facets of your pets care.  Likewise my Registered Veterinary Technicians are required to take C.E. for all the reasons listed above. And finally, my practice manager has to keep up with all the changing trends in how our hospitals function in order to offer you efficiency at minimum costs, excellent communication through social media, and a happy staff. She's the glue that holds all together. 
We do this for you and your pets. We love staying current enabling us to offer your pet the absolutely best healthcare possible. It's not easy or inexpensive, but it is very self rewarding. 

Dr. Jerry Miller graduated from The Ohio State University and has been serving Southern Ohio for his entire career. 

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