Happy Valentine's Day!

Dr. Miller has some words of wisdom for you this Valentine's Day:

Valentine's day is for you and your loved ones.......and florists and chocolatiers.  

So, you bring home that heart shaped box of chocolates and your dog's nose goes up in the air.  Let the games begin. 

Rule 1. We're supposed to be smarter than the dog.

Rule 2. Forget rule 1 because a dog's instinct for foraging food and gorging trumps all human intelligence.

Rule 3. Keep your chocolates high up in a latched door cabinet or closed door pantry. Remember, young to middle aged dogs are able to "leap tall buildings."

 Why is this so important?  Chocolate, especially the darker varieties are loaded with Theobromine and Caffeine, both of which are strong stimulants. Mild overdosing can cause diarrhea and /or vomiting leading to a lovely chocolate stain on carpets. Higher intakes can cause serious symptoms ranging from hyperactivity, high blood pressure, and rapid heart rate to irregular heartbeats and seizures. A super high intake can lead to permanent brain damage or death.

 So,when do you need to seek veterinary help?  First,remember that symptoms are dose dependent. A 90 Lb labrador eating a few chocolate treats is probably in no danger; however,a Miniature Poodle eating 1/2 a box of chocolates could be serious. When in doubt call for professional advice.

  Finally, to avoid all of this..........I've always preferred daisies!

  Don't forget your 4 legged friends on this holiday; a couple extra doggie cookies or cat treats and some extra attention would be greatly appreciated.

From Sarah: Also, don't forget many plants in floral arrangements can be harmful to your pets.

Have a safe Valentine's Day!

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