Senior Pet Wellness & Age Related Changes

Many things will change as your pet ages and often the signs are subtle or hardly there at all. That is why more frequent examinations and diagnostics are recommended for pets as they mature. As they get older you will need to watch for vision and hearing loss, cognitive dysfunction, behavior changes, changes to their energy level, and difficulty moving/pain. When they come to see us for a check-up we will look for signs of all of the above as well as changes to the heart and lungs, orthopedic issues, and we will recommend diagnostics to check for thyroid, kidney, liver, and other issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Mature pets, which are any pets over seven years of age (or younger if they are a large breed dog), have increased medical needs and considerations as they grow older.

Download our mature pet wellness packet to learn more about your dog or cat and learn about what you can expect as you journey through life together.

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