In the last several months there has been some “information” in the media about Trifexis and we have had several clients ask us questions in regards to these reports. Lifetime Pet Centers would like to answer some of these questions and dispel the myths surrounding this flea/heartworm/intestinal parasite prevention.

Trifexis is an oral tablet given once monthly to dogs to prevent flea infestations, heartworm disease, and intestinal parasites. It contains the drugs spinosad and milbemycin oxime and is manufactured by the drug company Elanco.

From Dr. Miller: “The reports and complaints I have read have been from pet owners claiming they bought the product online at Amazon or a similar retailer and then it killed their dog. There are several problems with this statement. Firstly, Trifexis is a prescription-only medication that can only be purchased from a licensed veterinarian or licensed online pharmacy with a prescription. Either these people are buying a product that is not truly Trifexis, or they are giving it without first heartworm testing their dog. This can be dangerous and it is also why we require all dogs to be tested before being placed on prevention. In addition, these pet owners are not revealing, or are not aware of other underlying health issues their dog had at the time.”

Our hospitals have carried Trifexis for over two years now and we use it in our own dogs- we have not had issues with our own pets or our patients, aside from occasional intestinal upset when the owner gives the medication on an empty stomach. (As with most medications, Trifexis is labeled to be given with food.)

Below are the main points from an information sheet released by Elanco, you can also read them by clicking here.

  • Trifexis has been tested and approved as safe by the U.S. FDA and many countries around the world to kill fleas and prevent infestations, treat and control intestinal parasites and to prevent heartworm disease in our canine patients.

  • In the United States alone more than 70 million doses have been dispensed.

  • Since the product came to market in January 2011, all reported potential adverse events have been reported to the FDA and appropriately investigated. There is no link established between Trifexis use and death though there have been well-publicized misrepresentations of this fact.

  • The threat of heartworm disease is very real. More than 1 million dogs have this difficult-to-treat and sometimes fatal disease.

In the event that you are ever concerned about the health of your dog or the medication prescribed please contact us immediately. We are here to answer all of your questions and to help you make a decision on what is best for your pet.

Below is the contact information for both of our hospitals, as well as the contact information for Elanco’s customer service, and the FDA if you have additional questions or concerns.


Customer Service 1-888-545-5973

FAQ Page on Trifexis


How to Report and Adverse Drug Experience

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