Winter Parasite Prevention

Even though the Christmas trees are decorated and the snow is piling up outside of our doors parasite prevention is still important for your dogs, cats, rabbits, and ferrets. We always recommend year-round heartworm and flea prevention for dogs and cats, as this makes it easier to avoid fleas in the spring and summer months.


Though we do see an abundance of fleas during the warmer months of the year prevention is still important year round. Flea eggs can lay dormant in your house for a very long time without hatching, and all it takes it one randomly warm winter day for them to hatch. If all pets in the household are treated year-round then you won’t have to worry about the crazy Ohio weather we are all so accustomed to. (Recommended prevention; Cats: Activyl or Comfortis, Dogs: Activyl, Comfortis, or Trifexis, Rabbits & Ferrets: Revolution.)

Heartworm for Dogs

All companies that manufacture heartworm prevention will only guarantee their product if it is given monthly/ year-round with yearly testing by a veterinarian. In addition, mosquitoes can still be found in the Ohio River Valley on the random, warm days I mentioned above. To keep your dog protected make sure to use prevention monthly all year. (Recommended prevention; Dogs: Tri-heart or Trifexis, Cats: Revolution.)


The most commonly seen tapeworm is transmitted to your pet from an infected flea (the flea is the intermediate host for tapeworm larvae!) that is ingested by your pet when they groom themselves. So, if you keep your pet on year-round flea prevention it is less likely you will encounter this icky parasite any time of the year. (Recommended prevention for all pets: Year round flea control; however, if your pet does contract tapeworm please contact us for a special de-wormer.)

Roundworm & Hookworm

Both roundworm and hookworm are intestinal parasites in both dogs and cats that are transmitted via consuming larvae from contaminated environments, from their mother during pregnancy or nursing, or by consuming a secondary host like a rodent. Because of the way in which these worms are transmitted pets are at risk of exposure year-round. The same medications that are given for heartworm prevention are also effective in preventing these types of parasites. We also give an oral de-wormer, Strongid, to dogs and cats at their annual exams due to the high potential of infection. 

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