Getting your Cat to the Vet

Recent studies have shown that only about 50% of the cats owned in the United States ever see a veterinarian (and there are twice as many cats kept as companion animals than dogs!). Compare that to the roughly 75% of dogs that go regularly. We know that owners care about their cats as much as their dogs, so why aren't they getting the care they need and deserve, too?

You may be one of the many cat owners that dreads bringing your feline family member in to see the vet, as many owners believe the stress of getting the cat into the carrier and the travel to the hospital enough to skip their cat's annual wellness exams. Often, owners will only bring their cats in when they are sick or in need of a rabies vaccination. 

Since annual wellness care is the best prevention to avoid health issues later in life we feel it is in the best interest of all cats to be seen by their doctor regularly. Check out this brochure from the American Association of Feline Practitioners to learn more about getting your kitty to the vet in a safe and low-stress manner.

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