Scratch Pay Payment Plans now Available!

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting payment plans from Scratch Pay! Scratch Pay is a very easy to use financing program that gives you the freedom to make medical decisions for your pet based on what is best for your pet, and not just cost. 

In the event of an emergency or other medical issue (dental work, illness, geriatric diagnostics... anything!) you can apply for financing through Scratch Pay right in our office with your smartphone. You receive payment plan options in less than two minutes, and you have 30 days after you have finalized your plan to use the funds they have approved. We are notified immediately when you are approved, which means the care your pet needs doesn't have to wait. 

Plans available from Scratch Pay vary based on different factors from a soft credit check (meaning it does not show up on your credit score). Included plans range from 0% APR if paid in three months, to 12 and 24 month payment plans.

If your pet has recommended procedures that you have been saving up for, this is the perfect option for you. Please call us to speak with a staff member to learn more. You can also apply directly online by clicking the button below. 


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