Hi folks, it’s Dr Miller again.

Today my blog will be short and sweet.

Hot summer + lots of rain= perfect environment for flea propagation!

I know I’ve talked about this before, but this summer has been the perfect weather for fleas. The populations are increasing dramatically and will continue until winter. So make sure you continue your flea prevention up to Christmas;however, we recommend keeping them on prevention year round.

Recently, we’ve realized a dramatic increase in flea allergy cases that have led to secondary staph infections, costing owners up to $120.00 or more per visit for treatment.  So, besides making your pet miserably itchy and painful, lack of prevention will also cause your budget to take a hit.  

Even more serious: we’ve seen kittens and puppies close to death as flea infestations have literally sucked the blood right out of them. We even had one fatality. These cases require extensive hospital stays and may cost the owner anywhere from $300 to $1200.00. Not to mention how heart wrenching these cases are for our staff and everyone involved, knowing that they could have easily been prevented.

So here’s the deal,

1. If your pet is not on flea medication: start now and only use products recommended by us. Avoid throwing your money away on over-the-counter products that do not work.  

2.If you’re already using products we’ve recommended, continue on them until winter, or better yet, all year.

3. Treat every pet you have.

4. If you have a problem, call us and we’ll walk through treating your home. Our staff are experts at flea control protocol.

Simple, spend a little money monthly to avoid a major cost to your pocket book and your pet’s health and welfare.

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