Hey, Cat Owners...

Hi, my name is Kitty Galore and I’m a very happy, beautiful, female cat. This is my brother, Felix, a big boy cat.

Today we’re supposed to go to our Doctor for our semi-annual wellness checkups. James and Jill are due home any minute to pick us up. We just love them and they love us.

I remember when they first picked us up. We were eight weeks old and I was so scared. I’d never been away from my mom and brothers and sisters, but Jill held me in her lap all the way home. Felix was more adventurous and explored the car. I was timid and even Felix was a bit fearful in our new home but they fed us some wonderful food, so tasty. It sounded so majestic, Royal Canin kitten food. They told us it was French! I soon learned that we weren’t their first cats because they constantly talked about another cat and how they wouldn’t make the same mistakes as they did with her.

Those first days were so dreamy. They gave us toys that we chased and batted around. They even had a light that they’d shine and wiggle and we’d chase around. Soon they introduced us to their screened porch, a terrific place to lounge around and play and watch the birds. They even made a big deal about showing us the litter boxes. I must admit, they were big with low walls making it easy for us little kitties to get in and out of. Jill kept telling James “we must have number of cats plus one,” whatever that meant.*

After a couple of weeks, a new big box was brought out and left near our food bowls. They took off the top and put in toys, treats, and even a little catnip. I like catnip! We’d jump in and out, hide in it, and just frolic. What fun sneak attacks as my brother walked by! Several days later Jill and James came home and picked us up and cooed and cuddled us. Then they put us in the big box and placed the top on it. They picked us up and placed us in the car and we went for a ride. I was a little nervous but I was ok, because my brother was with me. Jill was really nervous.

They took us to this place that was definitely different from home. There was a big room where we went in and several smaller rooms down a hallway. Several people were busy doing all sorts of things.The area was quiet with a little jazz playing in the background. You know we cats love jazz and we don’t particularly like a lot of noise. Jill talked to someone behind this big desk and then we sat down. Jill was told not to put us on the floor. I’m glad about that, because a strange place is really super scary when you’re in a box on the floor. So we sat on chairs and I’d peek out and see other cats peeking at me. I saw fish and pictures of birds and then I noticed that this place kind of smelled good. I was starting to relax. Then we went into a smaller room where we were by ourselves.  A couple of people came in and placed our box on a table and took the top off. There we were, staring at strange people. But they were reeeeally nice. They stroked us, rubbed our ears (I love having my ears rubbed) and talked really sweet to us, you know, that baby talk kind of stuff. Then they started giving treats to us. Now I really liked this place.

Soon a new person came in and was also rubbing my ears and petting me while he talked to James and Jill. Then he did kind of tickle-y stuff to me. He’d rub an ear and then tug a little and put a light in it. That was weird. Then, he rubbed my tummy and squeezed on it.  He played with my legs and paws, ran a fine comb through my fur, and finally put this funny round thing on my chest and said my heart sounds great! Then one of them pinched me and said what a good kitty I was and gave me more treats. They repeated that whole process with Felix, snuggled us again, and placed the top back on our box. After a few minutes, we were back in the car and on our way home. Jill was much more relaxed now. That whole trip was different, but Felix and I both had fun.

Over the next several weeks, this trip was repeated three times and each time I was more comfortable and started to really like all the people. Then we had a trip where we were left for the day. I was given some stuff that really made me feel good and then I went to sleep. I remember waking up a couple of times but pretty much slept away the day. Same thing happened to Felix. Next thing I knew we were home and I slept all night. The next several days Jill and James kept trying to get us to be quiet and still. They finally gave up on that and playtime resumed.

Over the next several years, Felix and I would happily get in our box and travel to that strange but joyful place. Occasionally, they’d leave us there for a few days. They’d laugh and say we were going to the spa or going on vacation. Those happy people would put us in these areas where we could hide and have private time or come out and play. Felix and I were always in the same suite and really had a fun time with good food, talkative people, windows to look at the birds and a fish tank to entertain us. Jill made sure we had our toys and brought our beds to make us feel at home.

Twice a year we’d go and it would be like that first time. Treats, rubbed ears, a little poking and prodding and a pinch. They’d usually take some blood from me. I really didn’t like that very much but it was worth it when the people, which we now call the nurses, would come in and rave about how healthy we were. However, I really wasn’t happy when they kept telling Jill I had to lose a couple of pounds. I think my figure’s just fine, thank you! Oh, but Felix is the purrfect weight. They think Felix is always purrfect. They ought to try living with him, ha!

So, Felix and I are in middle age now and according to our friends at our hospital, we’re in great health and as long as we continue our bi-annual visits and keep up on our excellent dental health plan (I have sparkling breath thank you very much) we should live long, happy lives. By the way, did I mention James wants a dog now ………..UGH!

Oh well, James, do it now and make it a puppy so we can properly train it and harass the hell out of it. Felix and I are starting to think that this may be a good idea.

Wait... unrelenting puppy pulling on my tail and tugging my ears 18 hours a day? Hmmmmm, maybe not.

*(A formula for determining how many litter boxes you should have in your home: # of cats you have + 1 = # of litter boxes you should have.)

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