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Public Statement to our Community

To our Clients and Community,

As animal lovers ourselves, we understand the concerns about a story that’s circulating involving our clinic. In more than four decades of practice we’ve never encountered an incident like this. We do value patient privacy and respect the right for those involved to share their opinion, but given that violent threats have been made towards our clinic and our staff as a result of what’s being said online, we felt it was important provide you with a short statement.

While we are not at liberty to discuss the details of the case at this time, we can assure you that the characterization of the facts in this case have been inaccurate and misleading.  It is true there were unforeseen complications relating to a recent, and complex, surgery performed at our clinic.  We want every pet who comes through our door to live a long, happy life. 

Unfortunately, in this case, the patient did not survive, and we are heartbroken.  We’re pet people too, and we recognize that losing a pet under any circumstances is distressing.  However, we are compelled to point out we disagree with, and object to, the ignoble sentiments expressed by some individuals on social media who are unfamiliar with the facts in this case.

We can assure all of you we always strive to provide this community with the highest level of veterinary care for your pets in the Cincinnati area, and we are committed to doing so in the years ahead. 


Your Lifetime Pet Center Team

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